Next Generation Project is a N.J non-profit youth organization registered as a 501(c)(3) status. Our program addresses the social, emotional, academic and cultural needs of males ages of 14-20. Our mission is to help our community by providing them with a reliable mentoring program that will shape the next generation. Our program works to give these youth guidance and support as we help prepare these young men for their future. We work to build relationships our youth that will positively impact them as they work to make their communities better. Our goal is to empower these young men and enhance their future by making them leaders of tomorrow.


Next Generation Project main objective is to be an ongoing resource for the at risk youth and to inspire positive change, leadership, and to develop character amongst our youth. To enable them to visualize a successful future as well as support the youth throughout their journey in life. We want to be a symbol of hope for the at risk youth population and to be a program in which they can always depend on. We believe in our youth, in being compassionate and showing gratitude for the people we serve. We also believe in teamwork, and collaborating with others to achieve our goals and vision, while also completing our mission.


Next Generation Project goal is to inspire leadership among our youth, motivate them to want and do better. We are also committed to the intellectual and skills development of our youth. We want our youth to progress and positively have an impact on their communities. We want our youth to set goals and accomplish them. Next Generation Project is dedicated in making this happen and will work hard to support our youth as they are the future.


 N.G.P believes that every youth has the potential to succeed.
N.G.P believes in compassion and gratitude for those we serve and each other.
N.G.P believes in opportunities for all of our youth and in their abilities to choose their own paths in pursuit of their best selves.
N.G.P believes in teamwork and collaboration to achieve our vision, mission and to support the youth we serve and uphold our values. N.G.P wants to improve the academic standards used in urban communities.
N.G.P wants to also Promote Cultural, Social and Self-awareness.


Next Generation Project, a local Youth Social Services Organization located in Newark NJ, partners with community organizations to encourage local high school students to strive for academic excellence and cultural growth.



Next Generation Project
384 Main Street P.O Box 1, Orange N.J 07050


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